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Installation and Use Quick Guide

Get your copy of mojoPortal installed - see for that.

Download and unzip the mojomo folder to '/Data/Sites/SiteNumber/Skins/mojomo' in your mojoPortal intallation, then select it from the drop down skin list in the sites 'site setting' admin page. If you're using a fresh, single site installation of mojoPortal and don't rename the skin then you will be good to go, skip to the next section!

If you see no styles applied after you've loaded the skin, you may need to edit the style.config and user.config files to set the hard coded '/Data/Sites/SiteNumber/Skins/etc' strings appropriately for your mojoPortal installation. Its easy to edit these site paths to suit once you get the hang of it.

under /resources/deployment...

You'll find the 'mojomo.user.config' which you should rename to 'user.config' and copy into the root of the site overwriting the current one - this is also where your DB connection string should be added.

The machineKey.config file can be used to hold your secure machine key, see

The 'gZip' and 'X-UA-Compatible' xml files are snippets that can be edited into the web.config as required or allowed by your host.

under /everything else...

The files are all commented throughout to help you get moving quickly, and have explanatory notes in the header where appropriate.

Take a look at the 'layout.Master' to see the underlying html.

Take a look at the '' to see how the markup generated by mojoPortal is controlled.

Take a look at the 'style.config' to understand how the CSS is selected, controlled and cascaded.

Take a look in the css folder - you'll find lots of CSS files, mostly short and commented, and often with optional css commented out to provide quick switches - for instance, you can change the whole sites font size by altering a couple of lines in 'typography.css'.

The 'resources' folder is a helpful grab bag for the clipboard, while the fonts, icons, img and js folders should be self explanatory!

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